Meredith Wilson

Founder and Lead Game Designer

Meredith worked in public health research at Virginia Tech's Biocomplexity Institute where she helped design the mobile game Virus Tracker, which was so much fun she decided to leave academia and pursue her passion for video games. Her game design interests include how empathy can be cultivated through game play and methods for complex story telling in video games. Her Unity dev interests include how not to make people motion sick in VR. When not working on video games she also works as a design consultant for mPath. In her free time she rock climbs, reads, watches movies and, of course, plays video games.

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Tyler Mountain

Narrative Designer and Storyteller

Tyler is a bibliophile and works at a public library in the Boston area. He has been devising stories since he learned to talk, and attended school in Colorado as a creative writing major. The funnest jobs he has held include copy editor at a local newspaper, a proofreader, and maintained a small library of periodicals at a local publishing company. Always a voracious reader, his interest in gaming lies in how the self-reflective experience of reading can be translated to the gaming experience. When not fighting the urge to read at work he can be found reading at home, studying the stars, and watching movies.

Follow Tyler on Twitter at @tnmount