This game Meredith designed for the 2018 Global Game Jam. The theme for this jam was 'transmission' and in the game the player is a bat that transmits high frequency sound and uses echolocates to avoid obstacles that are in its path. Through the darkness, the bat reveals this colorful world hidden world. By carefully traversing the cave players will find what lies below, and how the journey of one curious bat parallels the story of a lost man. Download and play here, also be sure to check out the awesome profiles of all of the team members!


A.k.a Memory Garden. This virtual reality app is intended to help stimulate memories for people with dementia or Alzheimer's through music and pictures of loved ones. The final product will allow for personalized gardens for individualized immersive experiences. This first prototype was conceived of and built during the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon and is featured on the hackathon's homepage. Though not a game, working on this app was an especially meaningful experience for us since the lead designer's mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, we made this first prototype specifically for her.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 5.48.50 PM.png

Build Your Fear

Another small but awesome game designed by Meredith! This was made for the first annual Serenity Forge Game Jam, the theme of the jam was 'healing'. The basic concept of this game is founded in exposure therapy, which is a type of behavioral therapy that seeks to reduce anxiety through voluntary exposure to stressors under safe circumstances. In other words, our puzzle game make the fearful mundane. This game won an honorable mention from Take This for games related to mental health. Check out Stream Fall Interactive which contributed Unity expertise and was a pleasure to work with. Click this link to download and play.



This little game is something Meredith designed for the 2016 Global Game Jam. The theme for the jam was 'ritual' and the design is based off of Tibetan sand mandalas. The object of the game is to create something beautiful that you must let go of and destroy when you're done playing... which was quite difficult for some of our creations like the one pictured here. Click this link to download and play. Also check out the profiles of the other game devs that helped make it possible!







Our Pandemic: 1918

A collaboration between Bedhouse Games and the Virginia Tech history department, Our Pandemic: 1918 is a narrative based point-and-click game that draws its heart and soul from the real life accounts of those who lived through the 1918 flu pandemic. Our goal is to capture the essence of what it was like to be alive during a pandemic that affected 500 million people all over the world and distill it down to the inhabitants of one town in the United States. 

We're timing Our Pandemic's release date to coincide with the centennial anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic, which we know is a while from know but that doesn't mean that our team of interns isn't hard at work pulling material together for it at this very moment. Check out our blog and twitter feed for updates!